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10th-11th April 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Connecting, informing and inspiring the integrated photonics industry

Over 550 industry innovators and 55 exhibitors

5 key themes and over 30 presentations

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Speakers Include

HP Enterprise
Di Liang
Fraunhofer ENAS
Sascha Geidel
Katharine Schmidtke
Multiphoton Optics
Ruth Houbertz
André Richter
Sasan Fathpour
Radha Nagarajan
Henk Bulthuis
Tan Yong Tsong
Eric Mounier
Milan Mashanovitch
Speaker TBC
Luceda Photonics
Pieter Dumon
Peter O'Brien
Yvain Thonnart
Speaker TBC
Mentor Graphics
Christopher Cone
Lightwave Logic
Michael Lebby
Aref Chowdhury
Analog Devices
Andrew Sparks
Ignazio Piacentini
Vipul Bhatt
Robert Blum
Wim Bogaerts
Luis Henrique Hecker de Carvalho
Nokia Bell Labs
Peter Winzer
Yuichi Nakamura
Speaker TBC


Di Liang, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sascha Geidel, Fraunhofer ENAS
Katharine Schmidtke, Facebook
Ruth Houbertz, Multiphoton Optics
André Richter, VPIphotonics
Sasan Fathpour , CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics
Radha Nagarajan, Inphi
Henk Bulthuis, Kaiam Corporation

Tan Yong Tsong, Institute of Microelectronics
Eric Mounier, Yole Développement
Milan Mashanovitch, Freedom Photonics
Speaker TBC, Teem Photonics
Pieter Dumon, Luceda Photonics
Peter O'Brien, Tyndall
Yvain Thonnart, CEA-Leti
Speaker TBC, SMART Photonics

Christopher Cone, Mentor Graphics
Michael Lebby, Lightwave Logic
Aref Chowdhury, Nokia
Andrew Sparks, Analog Devices
Ignazio Piacentini, ficonTEC
Vipul Bhatt, Finisar
Robert Blum, Intel
Wim Bogaerts, Ghent University/imec

Luis Henrique Hecker de Carvalho, BrPhotonics
Peter Winzer, Nokia Bell Labs
Yuichi Nakamura, NEC
Speaker TBC, Synopsys

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Increased brand awareness

Maintain and grow customer relationships

Gain visibility and recognition as a market leader

Creating and strengthening links between chipmakers and network builders

10th-11th April 2018, Brussels, Belgium


The presentations were grouped into five key themes for the 2017 conference which collectively provided complete coverage of the PIC industry.

Speakers Include

Analog Devices BrPhotonics CEA-Leti Cisco CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics Facebook ficonTEC Finisar Fraunhofer ENAS Fraunhofer HHI Freedom Photonics Ghent University/imec
Hewlett Packard Enterprise IBM Inphi Institute of Microelectronics Intel IQE JePPIX/PITC Kaiam Corporation LIGENTEC Lightwave Logic LioniX Luceda Photonics
Mentor Graphics Multiphoton Optics NEC Nokia Bell Labs NTT PhoeniX Software Physik Instrumente SMART Photonics Synopsys Teem Photonics Tyndall VPIphotonics
Yole Développement

3 Conferences, 2 Days, 1 Exhibition

Photonic Integrated Circuits International

Sales of PICs are soaring, with their deployment helping to boost the capacity of networks and data centres. To aid this industry, we are strengthening the relationships between the makers and the users of these integrated circuits by organising the 3rd PIC International, a global conference dedicated to this industry.

Attendees to the conference will hear industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning five sectors. The conference will equip the delegates with an up-to-date overview of the status of the PIC industry, and provided them with many opportunities to meet other key players within this community.

Compound Semiconductor International

The 8th CS International conference will build on the success of its predecessors, with industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning five sectors.

Together, these talks will detail breakthroughs in device technology; offer insights into the current status and the evolution of compound semiconductor devices; and provide details of advances in tools and processes that will help to drive up fab yields and throughputs.

Attendees at this two-day conference will gain an up-to-date overview of the status of the CS industry, and have opportunities to meet many other key players within this community.

High End Sensors International

High-end sensor devices are an increasingly significant share of the global machine sensory market that is expected to exceed 30 billion devices by 2020 with revenue of (USD) $20 billion. We will explore opportunities for the most advanced sensors that deliver higher performance, ruggedness and longer operational lifetimes. We will examine new technologies that are cutting costs while increasing effectiveness. We will explore product development within major high-end sensor categories and ways that researchers and manufacturers are investigating to enhance performance, reduce power consumption, and improve efficiency.


THREE cutting edge complimentary conferences and ONE dedicated exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe.

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