Two days, five themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentations are grouped into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the integrated photonics industry.

The PIC International conference has attracted industry leading experts from all the major companies involved in the photonic integrated circuit industry.

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Five key themes

Today's primary PIC applications in data centers and telecom are foundations for new opportunities. We will explore PICS for healthcare, diagnostics, imaging/ranging and vehicle automation as well as new approaches for data transport.

Electro-photonic design automation (EPDA) paired with automated test, assembly and packaging (TAP) are essential for ensuring rapid PIC development cycles and quality control. We will explore how tools and processes will enable greater yield, reliability and sector growth

PIC innovation is already linked to hybrids − InP lasers are driven by silicon chips and die-level devices are combined into modules. While silicon photonic (SiP) optimization continues we will concurrently explore the benefits of bringing compound semiconductor technologies such as GaAs, GaN, lithium niobate, and silicon carbide into PIC development programs

While manufacturers are working to automate PIC assembly, packaging and test, we will examine how existing and future sector investments will reap dividends. What cycles should investors anticipate? How can financiers accurately gauge product potential within emerging PIC sectors?

PICs are poised to transform many end use markets as global semiconductor innovation shifts resources from electrons to photons. We’ll explore near-term opportunities and potentially disruptive, long-range advantages that PICs can offer today's service providers and end users with a focus on healthcare, autonomous driving, defense and security; artificial intelligence, AR/VR and the IoT

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